Smartwatch Now day wearable technology top listed items, wearable Wristwatch technology improved and now day an watch do everything. similarly to the smartphones, Tactical Smartwatch have evolved from the normal wearable .

Start with time monitor activity step, pulse , distance, remote camera, real time position with GPS and lot such of things. Some were waterproof / water-resistant to a tool more suitable for this century. Tactical smartwatch design as a sports design, the planning evolution improve with this watch with new trendy essential features using APP.
What is tactical smartwatch?

Design Evolution

The new smart watch exclusive design make it different from the other smartwatch, the fashionable design Smartwatch concepts come from this point special wearable team, ex-military engineers who love both tech and therefore the outdoors, the planning make sure the fashion and fit any outdoor activities and and any quite activities also .


There is Some different Features included for various versions Tactical Smartwatch V4 and Tactical Smartwatch V5.

All-day activity tracking: You’ll control your daily activity like distance, step, and compare it with other days, in order that you’ve got your daily, weekly and far more information available .

Waterproof and Dustproof: IP67 certified SmartWatch Tactical V4 And V5 is waterproof up to five ATM (do not use in hot water)

Unique and Resistant: Because of the high performance materials with which V5 and V4 Smartwatch is manufactured, you’ll be totally sure of its durability, since it’ll resist any ground during which you employ it. An insurance on your wrist.

Customizable Clock Faces: Personalize the hi-res color touchscreen on Sports Smartwatch watches by choosing from a spread of clock faces designed for any occasion.

Last Generation Battery: V4 Made with Last Generation Battery life up to 33 months because of the energy saving function, That make really very different from all other smartwatches.

Last Generation Battery: V4 Made with Last Generation Battery life up to 33 months because of the energy saving function, That make really very different from all other smartwatches.

Hi-Res Touchscreen: Amplified brightness up to 1000 nits & durable screen made up of Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.

Explore Real Time heart Rate: because of its pulse function you’ll control your pulse in the least times. regardless of what your goals are, Tactical Watch V5 are going to be there for you to beat them.

Measure calories instantly- you’ll know in the least times what percentage calories you’ve got burned. These are calculated supported the guts rate and physical information that you simply have previously provided to app.

Sleep control- an important function today that if you employ it, it’ll tell you ways you’ve got rested, hours of deep sleep you’ve got achieved and far more.

Notifications- Make every second count, so you’ll know at any time if you receive a call, text messages, WhatsApp and lots of more applications.

Compatible Devices

The watch connectivity through with WiFi/Bluetooth using universal apps which are made by tactical team special for this watch. All time connect with the smartphone and track every activity and monitor fitness pulse , distance, calories ETC.

Suitable OS APPS Introducing

Tactical smartwatch collect all data using Smartphone Device apps. the various apps use for various versions for Tactical smartwatch.
Sports+: The apps Compatible for tactical smartwatch V4. Connect using Bluetooth collect all data like step, distance, calorie, alarm, remainder, all notifications like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, QQ, WeChat, call , remote camera etc.