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Waterproof Dog Back Seat Cover Hammock Protector

Dog seat covers are designed to protect your car seats, sofas and other furniture from pet hair, odors and stains


No need to leave behind your best buddy back at home for those road trips. With Paws & Pals waterproof pet hammock car seat cover, you can take your cats and dogs with you for the long rides too.


Just get the hammock and put it on the headrests of the car seat around and you’ve got the hammock ready for the little pal of yours to sit and lie around on it for the long trips.


With a durable 600 denier polyester material hammock, you can be sure that they will have a great time sitting on the hammock. It won’t let your pet fall down to the footwell as the hammock got durable stitching to ensure it doesn’t rip or tear down. So, why not get it and hang it around the backseat to let your pets ride along with you. Don’t leave your best companion behind anymore.


The Dog Seat Cover Advantages:


  • Dimension: With 57-by-57 inches dimension, the pet hammock cover seat offers a lot of space to have pets of all sizes on it.
  • Cool to the touch: One of the best things about the pet seat cover hammock is its material. It is quite posh and feels nice to the touch of the skin thanks to its cool mesh that makes it easy for pets to sit or lay on it for long periods.
  • Durable: Made from 600 denier polyester, the material used to make the hammock cover is super durable to withstand ripping or tearing of any sort. No matter how long claws your pet might have, they won’t be able to rip it down for sure.
  • Waterproof: You can travel without worrying about any spills or some accidental peeing on the backseat from now on thanks to the waterproof material of the Paws & Pals. It soaks in the liquid to make sure your car remains clean and dry.
  • Easy cleaning: To get the stinky, dog, or cat wetted seat cover to clean, you don’t have to do any work. Just toss it down the washing machine, and it will take care of it. No need to worry as the material is safe to clean inside washers.
  • Versatile: The hammock is perfect to hang on any automobile’s back and front seat without any problem. So, no matter whatever model car you ride, you can go and get the Paws & Pals gear for it.



With the easily adjustable buckle clips, you can strap it around on the headrest post of vehicles with ease without worrying about it coming off it. So, you can securely place your pet on the hammock without second-guessing about the safety of theirs any more thanks to its secure locked system.


Keep vehicle clean: 

With the large pet hammock seat cover, you will be able to cover the entire backseat area, from the seats to the floor. Therefore, no need to worry about getting any mess on the car anymore as everything will be on the hammock. It makes it easy to clean the pet-caused mess.


Comfortable seating: 


You can create a great seating arrangement for your pet with the hammock. Your pet no longer needs to sit on the backseat with the hot metal buckles on it to keep it safe from falling down from the seat to the footwell. With the seat cover, you offer a spacious space that keeps them seated in place with optimal comfort at all times.


You can use it in the following environment:


  • Perfect for use in the vehicle.
  • Suitable for hiking, camping, and caving.
  • Use it as bedding at home
  • Can use it on boats or beaches for the pet


Product Features:


  • Made from durable 600 denier polyester
  • Comes with adjustable buckle clips for easy strapping on headrest posts
  • Standard Size: 143cm Wide * 152cm Length Extra Large Size: 153cm Wide * 162cm Length
  • Mesh fabric is cool and breezy to let pets have a comfortable time sitting on the hammock
  • Keeps your backseat and floor clean from dander, hair, spills, odor, and other pet mess.
  • Waterproof car seat cover soaks in water to keep things dry.
  • Toss it in to wash in the washing machine for easy cleaning.


Tip for User:


Make sure to clean the hammock seat cover after use every time to clean off the stain marks and the stink.

Before letting the pet to seat on the hammock, make sure to test it to ensure it stays in position and doesn’t come off as you don’t want your pet to fall down.


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